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We would like to thank the National Shooting Sports Foundation for the ability to cover the 2014 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas Nevada.

We will be providing nightly updates on new firearms and firearm products, along with videos of live fire events at the SHOT Show® Media Day at the Range™

Media Day at the Range
Media day was nothing like last year, this year there was bright sun in the sky and the temperature was a perfect 62 degrees. Last year it was around 30 degrees with a 20 to 30 mile per hour wind.

22LR Ammo Update:   Ok, so we all want to know where the 22LR is at... I pinned down the ATK ammo rep on the range and asked where they were at in terms of production. The answer was a bit shocking that ATK is making 7 million rounds per day. When I asked if that was a quotable number there was a panic look and then a 'yes' . I confirmed that he did mean 7 million rounds, which is 14,000 bricks, or approximately 3,500 cases, which equates to about 70 cases per state per day. Which i guess really isnt that much when you get right down to it. I also asked if they were producing more high profit margin ammo, and the answer was 'no' , production was up across the board. ATK now owns most of the ammo manufacturing capacity in the US including Federal and CCI. ATK attributed the ammo shortage to heavy sales volume and more buyers.

Keltec Production Update:   Several comon questions have come up about KelTec and I was able to get some very blunt answers out of the KelTec folks. First of all we all know how much the SCCY looks like a KelTec product, so I asked it they licensed the design. The first team member had never heard of SCCY, the next knew exactly why I asked. There is no relation between KelTec and SCCY. Then we came to the production, or lack there of, most KelTec products. This stems from KelTec only paying for items in cash and not allowing for outside investment. Production of the KSG is up, I was told , but no firm number, the RMR is postponed till Fall and the PMR is being produced at approximately 600 units per week or about 15 per state per week (some states dont allow large capacity firearms). There are no plans to increase production in the near future, and KelTec stressed that they are a small business. The rep seemed please with the 600 units per week, which is up from a year ago when the answer was 280 units per week.

New Glock 41 and 42:    Glock has of course come out with the new single stack .380 model and the 45ACP long slide to match the Glock 34 and 35 product line. I shot both guns and found them to be quite nice, no issues with feed. Shipping will begin on 20 January. Here is a video of me shooting both guns. Both are a winner for Glock, however the common them at the booth was why a .380 rather than single stack 9mm.
New silencer for H&K this year: The design is completely unique, and the best part is that the entire guts of the silencer are not restricted, as they apparently do nothing by themselves to reduce the sound. Pay a $200 tax stamp and you get a shroud that screws on over the guts forming a turbine engine like pathway, producing the necessary turbulant wake, and reducing  the sound. Here are some stills of the product and some 3D printed cans showing the difference between the HK product and other designs.
Shooting the can:
The 3MR TacCon Trigger:  Well, this was the product we had high hopes for but the results were mixed. The trigger is a great 4.5 trigger , however the reset is not what I was expecting. It basically just reduces the distance the trigger must move forward before it can move back again and release the hammer. But there is little forcing in the trigger push, and I would say from the videos below the learning curve is much higher than for a SlideFire Stock. Right now, I don't think this will be a product for us. At $500 , there is actually very little markup and not much of a chance of getting it into the $200 range, where it may be a good value for the money. I have also included a video of one of the 3MR team members shooting the exact gun I shot, with better results, so it can work. The question is how much ammo wil you go through to get the 'feel' for it.
New Tethered Ammo:   Ok, so my first thoughts when I saw this a few weeks ago in a an ad was that it was a gimmic product. But the folks at Advanced Ballistics Concepts have a very neat product here in the teathered Mi3. They handed me a live 45ACP round and the guys at the Remington booth were kind enough to let me put a round of it in a 1911 and test fire it. I stacked the rounds: standard, Mi3 ,standard. If you look at the target on the right you can clearly see the teather holds as I hit the target dead center. The Remington folks were really excited about it and we thank them for letting us use it on their range and in their gun. This is a buy , even though it is a bit expensive, there is some good physics behind why this works so well. It comes in several sizes.
Other new shotgun ammo products we will carry: